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 Theme For A Dream: Choosing Wedding Decorations To Match Your Theme

Wedding decorations are the most significant part of your overall wedding theme. Not only do the wedding decorations you choose reflect your personality but they also create the mood and ambiance of your wedding and present your guests with a setting that is beautiful and memorable. Running the gamut from formal and traditional to casual and modern, whether you choose a simple affair or an elaborate one; the right decorations add drama and style to any wedding.

There are no rigid rules when it comes to wedding decorations. It all depends upon your personal tastes and the type of wedding atmosphere you wish to create. Is it a formal night time affair in a ballroom or is a more casual daytime outdoors wedding? Do you want the atmosphere to exude old-world romance or do you want it to be more contemporary and casual?

Choosing the Theme of the Wedding

The best way to choose a wedding theme is to either go with something that both of you are passionate about or else go with the season or time of the year. If both of you are passionate about a hobby maybe you could reflect that in the wedding décor. You could start by creating a list of all the things you both enjoy, from sports and hobbies to animals or objects. Then eliminate items from your list until you are down to just two or three that could be put together easily yet tastefully, without breaking either your sanity or your budget.

Choosing the Colour Scheme of the Wedding

Once you’ve decided upon the theme, you have to now brain storm an appropriate colour scheme. If you’ve decided to have a Valentine’s wedding, one of the most popular days for weddings,  you cannot deviate too far from the colour scheme of red, white and pink and if you’ve decided to have a romantic Victorian wedding, any colour is alright as long as it is white.

Creating the Right Atmosphere with your Wedding Decorations

While some themes have laid-down colour schemes, there are other themes where you do not have to worry too much about any specific colours; you can just incorporate any colour that happens to be your favourite. For some themes, such as a Hawaiian wedding or a nautical wedding, the colour scheme plays a much smaller role. What is important however, is incorporating the right elements of the them in order to re-create the right atmosphere. Ropes, shells, starfish and lifebuoys are perfect for the nautical theme and a profusion of flowers in every colour for the Hawaiian theme.

Whatever the theme or colour scheme, it is important that you keep your wedding decorations simple and elegant. Small, simple touches do more to create a lasting visual statement rather than loud garish decorations that detract from rather than enhance the venue.