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Tips For Planning Your Wedding Menu

For a celebration as grand as a wedding, you can be sure your guests will be looking forward to a grand a wedding feast. However, no matter how lavish a banquet you lay out, if several of your guests find that the meal is unsuitable for them for several reasons it would be crying shame. As the newlyweds, the least you can do for showing your gratitude to your guests is to feed them. Putting some thought into selecting the items in your menu is one way of showing your guests that you do care for them and their taste buds. Traditionally, British weddings are held at noon. Hence, it follows that the reception should be a considerably large lunch. To know what food to serve your guests, first take a look at the list of attendees. Food preferences can differ based on different reasons. These may range from religious beliefs and individual tastes as well as allergies.

Keep Religious Beliefs in Mind

Unless your wedding list consists of strictly family members only, not all guests will belong to the same religious denomination as you. As such,  it would help to know what sects your guests belong to as some dietary doctrines are stricter than others. In some religions eating pork is taboo, while in others, any kind of meat is completely out of the question. Go over the menu to see if you can offer a few alternatives. If you opted to cater, the staff would always be ready to make recommendations. Don’t be afraid to ask –they face this kind of situation on a daily basis and would be very familiar with what’s ok and what’s not.


Individual Tastes Matter

Food preference can also depend on the individual’s tastes. While it may seem good to introduce an exotic dish during the feast, it would probably go to waste if there is no one among your guests who’s daring enough to try it. Be heedful of the fact that people would try something new only within limits and would most probably stick to cuisine that is more familiar to their palates. In addition, health buffs and those who want to cut down on their eating would shy away from fatty food and look for something else instead. Making sure you have a varied cuisine that includes rich exotic foods with something lighter and more universal will ensure that none of your guests will go hungry.

Watch Those Allergies

Also try to know if your guests are allergic to certain types of food. After all, you don’t want them to suddenly swell up after eating a bit of shrimp now, do you? Not only will it cause a big commotion, it will also create a feeling that the food is unfit for consumption. Common allergies include shrimp, crabs and other crustaceans. Milk, egg, and peanuts are also included in the list. Give this the utmost attention. A guest breaking out in fits of anaphylaxis is not a pleasant thing to see during a reception. So get to it.

Taking a little extra time and trouble to go through the guest list when getting your wedding menu organized will ensure that your wedding meal will be talked about and compared favourably at several other weddings where this aspect is not given due importance.