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Capturing Your Special Day For Eternity With Wedding Photos

For any couple, their wedding day is full of memories and precious moments that they would wish to go back and re-live many times over. Being able to go through the day and see the tastefully decorated venue and to look at the chic attires of the wedding entourage and the wedding guests can be especially poignant. Unfortunately, there will come a time when the wedding day will just become a vague memory, a pleasant feeling and nothing more. This is where wedding photos play a significant role.

Wedding photos can capture the magic of a fleeting moment and save it for eternity and this is why couples are willing to spend a great chunk of their budget for the wedding documentation. They realise that they must invest on a good photographer if they want to make the memories of their wedding last. The wedding flowers may wilt and die and the cake consumed, but the wedding photos will remain one of the most tangible remembrances of this very special day.

Amateur vs. Professional Photography

Should you ask nephew or niece who is a budding photographer to capture these special moments or should you hire a professional photographer? This mainly depends on your budget. If you are working on a tight budget and you feel you can not afford to get a professional photographer, then you can ask some friends to shoot the pictures. Or you can also leave disposable cameras on the reception tables where the guests can act as your impromptu photographers. The downside to this option is the quality of the pictures. Lighting, angle, colour and other factors all figure in capturing a spectacular remembrance of your wedding day. Amateur photographers may not be able to do a very good job of preserving the beautiful moments. Many couples prefer to hire the professional photographers who are experts in this arena. This move will allow you and your guests more time to enjoy the occasion. Of course, this also means that you will be spending more. But what is a thousand bucks compared to an album of memories preserved for a lifetime?

Film vs. Digital

Digital photography allows you more freedom to shoot more photographs. It gives you the liberty to select the shots you wish to print instead of just printing everything. In addition, photographers often include a CD of your pictures in the package. Thus, you can always reprint any picture from the album. Shooting in film is more expensive since the number of the films can go high. Plus, you do not have the option of printing the selected pictures only.

Classic vs. Photojournalist style

If you are the sentimental type who would like your wedding photos done with a dramatic flair, then you might want to go for the photojournalistic style. Most photos done in this style include the candid and stolen moments.A classic photographer is one who takes the predictable wedding photos. This includes the sessions where the relatives and the guests are made to pose with the newly wedded couple. They are also known for taking “scripted” photos of the couple and their entourage.