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Len Beck Hull
Len Beck Hull

We are a UK -based, long-established & developing family menswear business - offering an extensive range of products and services - including tailoring, outfitting, garment alterations, corporate wear, wedding hire & formal clothing hire, merchant navy uniforms & braid,  naval cadet uniforms &  proms suits.
01482 852131

443 Endyke Lane Hull

443 Endyke Lane Hull HU6 8AG

At Slaters we pride ourselves in the personal service and choice that we offer to our customers.About Us
At the heart of everything we do is an ethos that consistently places our customers’ needs first.

We’re passionate about the shopping experience that we provide to our customer. From shirts
and suits to Highlandwear and Corporatewear, all of our clothes are made according to exacting
standards for quality and are provided in a wide variety of colours and styles.
01698 815 563

Jameson Street,

Jameson Street, Hull, HU1 3JX

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 Theme For A Dream: Choosing Wedding Decorations To Match Your Theme Wedding decorations are the most significant part of your overall wedding theme. Not only do the wedding decorations you choose reflect your personality but they also create the mood and ambiance of...

Tips For Planning Your Wedding Menu

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Wedding Photography

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Rise Hall

Sarah Beeny’s Rise Hall available to Chair Cover Hire customers. It’s fantastic to see a lovely venue restored to its full potential, and Rise Hall in East Yorkshire, is once again available to local couples for their big day. The mansion is owned by TV property...