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Hel’s Bells
Hel’s Bells

Hel’s Bells specialises in wedding planning and co-ordination in the Yorkshire region.  Whether you’re planning a small intimate affair on a limited budget or a grand large event where money is no object we’re happy to help.
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9 Hew Royd

9 Hew Royd Thackley Bradford BD10 8WP

Choosing Wedding Decorations To Match Your Theme

 Theme For A Dream: Choosing Wedding Decorations To Match Your Theme Wedding decorations are the most significant part of your overall wedding theme. Not only do the wedding decorations you choose reflect your personality but they also create the mood and ambiance of...

Tips For Planning Your Wedding Menu

Tips For Planning Your Wedding Menu For a celebration as grand as a wedding, you can be sure your guests will be looking forward to a grand a wedding feast. However, no matter how lavish a banquet you lay out, if several of your guests find that the meal is unsuitable...

Wedding Photography

Capturing Your Special Day For Eternity With Wedding Photos For any couple, their wedding day is full of memories and precious moments that they would wish to go back and re-live many times over. Being able to go through the day and see the tastefully decorated venue...

Rise Hall

Sarah Beeny’s Rise Hall available to Chair Cover Hire customers. It’s fantastic to see a lovely venue restored to its full potential, and Rise Hall in East Yorkshire, is once again available to local couples for their big day. The mansion is owned by TV property...